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Tungsten coin is created on Etherum Blockchain, thungsten is fully decentralized and digitalizes real world asset into digital ones , enabling deposit ,transfer ,trading and settlement via peer to peer network. Thungsten is aimed at best global coin to holders

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Total supply - 20000000000

Circulating supply -15000000000

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Phase 1

Create smart contract and and verified and websites , social accounts on December 5th

Phase 2

Liquidity provide on uniswap exchange December 6th

Phase 3

Social media Marketing's

Phase 4

List on coinchekgo and coin marketcap

Phase 5

List on major exchanges

1. Hotbit

2. Cointiger and latocken

3. Coinex

4. Bitmart

5. MXC

Phase 6

Trading events and competition through launched exchanges


Our leadership team is thoroughly passionate about the long term growth of THUNGSTEN . We work hard to have a positive impact in the World while also maximizing the returns to our Token Holders through exceptional tokenomics.

We are placing an emphasis on complete transparency, sustainable strategic growth decisions and innovative marketing campaigns that will ensure THUNGSTEN will reach its maximum potential

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